Terms & Conditions

Website privacy and security policy

This website is owned by AllWriting Corp for providing professional digital services. All services that are mentioned on the website are owned by AllWriting Corp.

All visitors and clients are requested to go through our terms and conditions carefully before selecting any services provided by this website. Only when a user is convinced with the terms and conditions provided on the website can they do business.

Purpose of the website

This website is where potential clients can do business and avail themselves of digital services for various purposes. The consumer can demand any of the available services, and we are responsible for serving their interest.

Revision of our terms and conditions

We hold the right to change or update the terms and conditions of the website services at any time, without prior notification. The revision will be effective immediately after the change. It is the responsibility of the consumers to read the terms and conditions correctly for the avoidance of future inconveniences. There will be no intimation to the users for upgrading the content. Hence, it is always advised that consumers should always keep themselves updated about the policy changes for services.

Avail of the services

This is to inform all our visitors that to avail themselves of our company’s services, they should fill up a form featuring on our website. In the form, your personal information will be asked, such as name, email address, phone number, and other similar types of information. This will allow us to get in touch with you and discuss your expectations.

Website users should ensure that the information which they will provide to the website should be correct. In the event of any inaccurate submission, AllWriting Corp reserves the right to refuse a request for doing business.

Process to order a service

Serving our client’s requirements is our prime concern. You can order specific services. You can order specific services from what we are offering to serve your requirement. After defining all your requirements, it is the responsibility of AllWriting Corp to carry out the services within a mutually specified time frame. We will fulfill our responsibility of assigning your project to an expert member from our team to provide the required digital marketing service you need. This will ensure efficient and on-time delivery.

Rejection of the order

In case the services provided by us are not up to the client’s specification, he or she has the right to disapprove of the order. However, in any case, the client must have a reason for why they have rejected the service.

All rejected orders are reviewed by our project manager. If, in case, the project manager thinks that the client is not doing justice, they may be charged for it. In case of displeasure, the client may request for improvement in the services. However, in that case, also, the specific improvement points should be highlighted by the client, along with the cause of rejection. Rejection of service should be done within 3 days of delivery. The service will be considered approved if there is no intimation of rejection from the client within 3 days of delivery.

Rights to the customer

This website allows users to opt for any and all services that are available and mentioned on the website. The clients are not the full owners of the service we’ve provided until the full payment is made.

Copyright and trademark protection

All the content that is available on this website is our own. It includes the media, all icons, animations, and graphics. All these are the sole property of the website. Any form of plagiarism will be reported and can be charged.

Unauthorized copy of the content

Using this website, you agree to prevent unauthorized copying of content featured on the website. In case of any violation and copying of the website content, the offender will be held responsible for removing the copied information illegally used from the website.

Disclaimer of warranty

The expert services available on the website are provided as they are available, without warranty. You accept the conditions that this website will not be answerable for any kind of data loss or form of damage. In case of your computer being affected by downloading or transferring data from this website, we will not be held accountable. The World Wide Web is prone to many complications and problems. We are not responsible for keeping the website safe from viruses.

Communication with author

Our clients do not possess any right to contact our professional team directly, indirectly, or by any means. Their personal information will not be disclosed to our clients. Any attempt to make contact with them will result in the violation of all terms and conditions. Legal action can be taken.

Contact information

In case of any queries regarding the terms and conditions of the website, we are available to be contacted. We will answer your queries. You can contact us at any time for our services and more. You can also email us at info@allwritingcorp.com.